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iPIX Virtual Tours

We would like to announce the introduction of iPIX Virtual Tours to the Coldwell Banker Legacy, Realtors® property inventory. This is a very exciting addition that we hope you will be thrilled with.

These iPIX, 360° Photos are the latest innovation from Internet Pictures Corporation. You will be able to view these Virtual Tours of many of our listings and hope that they provide you with a far better view of these beautiful properties previously unavailable over the Internet.

For ease of use, we have integrated our iPIX Virtual Tours directly into our online listing database. When performing a search through our database, listings containing these tours will have an iPIX logo

to the left of the property address. This lets you know that this property is "iPIX Virtual Tour Enabled".

iPIX Search

The listing details page will show thumbnail images of each iPIX photo with a description of the location where each photo was taken. From here, you can view these photos in three different ways. The iPIX Java Viewer, the iPIX Plug-in and the iPIX EGallery.
iPIX Java Viewer - This viewer is loaded automatically when you choose this option. (Java must be enabled on your browser).

iPIX Plug-in Viewer - This viewer will give you the highest performance and best resolution to view iPIX photos. You must download and install this viewer by going to the web site. (This choice will automatically take you to the plug-in installation page at - just follow the simple steps)

iPIX EGallery - This link will allow you to download a self-contained viewer with all images for the listing installed in it. These are all small enough to fit onto a single floppy disk and allow you to view this tour on any Windows compatible computer.

Download the Plug-in Viewer here Download the Plug-in Viewer here

For additional information on these viewers or iPIX, please click below!
Internet Pictures Corporation

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